Aggressive Advocacy:

We are devoted to the administration of justice and we distinguish ourselves by our team approach to each client’s needs. Aggressive representations are the basis of our values.

Our Attorneys receive continuing legal education and are experienced in State and Federal Courts. They are supported with a body of legal research, planning, and structured analytical advocacy, directed at protecting the client’s interests, while promoting and preserving equal justice for all parties.


Each client is a co-participant in their matter. The lead Attorney in each matter keeps a constant open line of communication and dialogue with the client, updating and reviewing developments in the matter. Creative and intellectually challenging efforts are constantly made to meet client needs.

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Meticulous Preparation:

Precise, meticulous, and detailed preparation of each legal document in line with best practices are the hall marks of our practice.


Eze Nwagbaraji & Co., is a litigation firm. However, from our values, we do not shy away from collaborations and negotiations in attempts to optimally achieve our client’s needs.

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Achieve Justice

Proper ordering of given and established facts is the ultimate interest of justice in our  society. Guided by our legal ethics, fairness, rationality, equity, and the law, Eze  Nwagbaraji & Co., seeks justice for its client to redress wrongs or acts that have affected the client, through open dialogue with all parties involved in each matter.